The only food
You should cry about
Is that ice cream you dropped when you were 5
And the beauty of your wedding cake
But now you associate food with calories
And calories with self worth
So now you cry about food because you know you need it
But you can’t eat it
because the higher your calorie count
The lower your self worth
You need to remember that calories are merely the energy
Used for you to
study for finals
Say I do
Walk down the aisle
smile at your newborn baby
And live
So next time you are crying about food
realize that food is life
But life is so much more than food

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Sabzii’s Nails turned 3 today!

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Anonymous asked:
On your November/Thanksgiving nails, what color did you use for the tips? The mani is amazing and the polish is gorgeous!

Hellooo! I believe I used Sinful Colors-Mercury Rising. And thank you very much :)

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